2 Simple but Effective Exercises for Safe and Natural Penis Enhancement

Sometimes, it’s normal to want to enhance your penis for better sexual health and performance, but when faced with the prospect of questionable pills or confusing devices, you may prefer to take an all-natural approach. That’s okay! Read on to discover how.

penis-exercisesWhat are my options when it comes to enhancing my penis naturally?

There are number of ways you could enhance your penis shape, size and health using natural methods without having to resort to pills, supplements or devices.

Whichever method you choose to increase your sexual experience and heighten your pleasure, your goal will be the same – to make your erection harder and to prolong the time spent during intercourse. Really, it’s as simple as that.

Think of it this way: An erection is an essential part of sex – you cannot do it without, and the harder the erection is, the better the pleasure will be. Which leads us on to the fact the better the pleasure, the longer and more enjoyable the sex will be, resulting in a stronger, more powerful orgasm.

better-erectionSo what do I need if I’m looking for a better erection and prolonged sexual intercourse?

To put it simply, what you’re in need of is better penis health! The idea of a healthy penis is very simple to understand. Having great penis health means you will be able to get an erection whenever you want it, your erection is as strong as it should be to have enjoyable, successful sex, and you last as long as you want – resulting in a mind-blowing orgasm for both your pleasure and your partner’s.

I’ve heard of penis pills and enlargement devices, but I’d really prefer a natural approach. Is that possible?

Yes – yes it is! You may not have realised this, especially as the internet is all about promoting various products, many of which don’t even work!

Luckily, there are things you can do at home that are both free and safe to improve the health of your penis without the need to take any pills or supplements and without the use of any equipment such as pumps or extending devices.


The term ‘jelq’ refers to the technique of stretching your penis with your hands. When you use your hands to massage and rub your penis, you are improving the blood flow in the process, as well improving your overall penis health. Plus, as if those benefits weren’t enough already, you’ll also be gently adding some stretching power through your hands as you force the natural growth and expansion of your penis.

However, despite the positive benefits of the jelq technique, It’s important to remain realistic when it comes to deciding your goals. No matter how much you massage, stretch or even pull on your penis, it’s not going to suddenly grow another two inches in a matter of weeks!

Truthfully, you probably won’t see much of an increase when using this technique – if any. But what you will see is a better, stronger, harder and possibly larger erection that will lead to greater sexual satisfaction and a better time for you and your partner in the bedroom.

Start Stop Masturbation

Start stop masturbation involves building up the stamina you have during intercourse, learning to control your ejaculation and achieving stronger orgasms as a result.

male-masturbationThis method of masturbation is the only way that you can teach your body to know how to move and control your pleasure the way you want it to, as well as leaving it up to YOU to decide when you ejaculate.

By doing so, you’ll get to enjoy the sensual pleasure of sexual intercourse for as long as you want and come when you please, meaning you won’t disappoint your partner by ejaculating too soon.

While it may seem a little risky, some men have even managed to control their ejaculation so well that they can have safe sex without having to use a condom – helping to improve their sexual experience through increased sensitivity and the touch of your partner.

Whichever of these methods you decide to try out, you can rest easy in the knowledge they are both free and safe for you to test out as much as you want.

Surely that makes them worth a try before you shell out a lot of cash on various pills or stretching devices.

Give these exercises a go and you’ll soon be experiencing life with a healthier, stronger penis.

Small Dick vs. Big Dildo: Which Works Best?

When you look at the number of stores and websites selling sex toys, not to mention the size of most dildos on the market, it can be a little unnerving.

Men may begin to feel as if their penis simply cannot compare to the size of the dildos their girlfriends or wives may use on a regular basis. If you’re afraid that you could be replaced by a sex toy, it’s time to take a look at which really works the best for sexual satisfaction: a small dick or a big dildo?

small-dick-big-dildoDo women prefer big dildos to small dicks?

Women often say that the size of your dick is irrelevant and that may be true to an extent, but at the same time, she will of course value her sexual pleasure too.

There’s a reason most dildos on the market are on the larger side, and that’s due to demand. The manufacturers would have no need to make those products if they weren’t likely to sell, so obviously women are buying them when they visit sex stores or websites.

Dildos on average range from around 6 – 7 inches long to 15 and beyond, and are usually very girthy. In comparison, your dick may look a little on the smaller side! It can often leave you wondering whether longer and thicker are really the key aspects that women want to see in their partner’s penis.

In the USA alone, over 50% of women admit to owning and regularly using a vibrator or dildo. Women who enjoy such toys may become used to them as time goes on, only to be left disappointed when faced with a realistic penis.

Women also enjoy the fact that a dildo will never come first – the fun doesn’t stop until she’s ready.

small-penis-sizeBut can your dick really compare?

The short answer is YES!

Whether your dick is large, average or even on the small side, you can ensure it can compare to a dildo – even of the larger variety.

First, you’ll need to work out exactly what you currently dislike about your dick.

  • Is it too short?
  • Too thin?
  • Do you ejaculate too soon?
  • Are your erections weaker than you’d like?

No matter what the problem is, there is a way to resolve it.

So which really does work the best?

Honestly, while women may love the feel of using a large dildo or other sex toys, they are likely to choose a real man over plastic any day, as long as they are attracted to men sexually. If they don’t like real dicks of any kind, you don’t stand a chance, so you should probably look elsewhere.

If your partner loves you and/or finds you sexually attractive, she will feel pleasure from your dick and enjoy having sex with you instead of a toy – especially if you’ve taken the steps to boost your penis size and sexual experience.

small-penis-manI still think my dick is too small. What should I do?

There are a number of ways you can ensure your penis is worthy of comparison to your partner’s dildo. Why not try a few out and see which works the best for you?

Penis Pills: The term ‘penis pills’ refers to male enhancement products that aim to improve your erections and create a positive, satisfying sexual experience. They are also known for boosting your libido. However, although marketing alongside products that may enlarge your penis, penis pills will not have that effect.

Herbal Supplements: If your problem is that you come too soon during sex, there are certain herbal supplements that may be able to help. Take a look around your sexual supplier of choice and ask for their help if necessary.

Penis Pumps: A penis pump, also known as an erectile dysfunction pump is a device that will help you achieve harder, healthier erections and last longer in bed. While your dick may appear bigger during use, these effects are not permanent.

Penis Extenders: A penis extender, also referred to as a penis stretcher or stretching device is the only way that you can effectively and permanently increase the length, girth and overall size of your dick. These devices gently pull on the penis using traction therapy to stretch it to the desired size.

Whichever method you choose to improve the size and shape of your dick, your partner will certainly appreciate it and you’ll find yourself proving to be better than the dildo every time.

Good Sex – Better Relationships

Most people believe sex is overrated in a relationship, while others believe there are several reasons why sex is important with your partner. When you love someone, it can connect you and your partner in way unlike any other. Apart from the connecting part to spend the time with your other half, there are many other benefits too.

Following are some reasons that explain why good sex is important for a better relationship:

  • It connects you

It is one of the best reasons why good sex is important in a relationship. Obviously getting physically involved with each other is going to bring the two of you closer. Sometimes being in love and being attracted to each other does not mean that sexual chemistry is there. But that chemistry does come together once you find you and your partner in the bedroom.

  • happy-togetherIt adds passion to your relationship

The best relationship you can have is with somebody who is your best friend as well as your lover.

If you are in a relationship without sex, you might as well be dating just a best friend.

It’s simple as that.

Passion is necessary for a relationship. Relationships need sexiness and excitement. Sex with your partner is the only factor that keeps the passion alive. It makes the relationship stimulating, desirable, and fun.

  • It helps you know each other better

When you are in a relationship, you want your partner to know you completely from inside and out. The more sex you have with your partner, the better she will get at making you happy. That’s why you should have sex whenever you can. When you have sex with somebody, they’re allowing you to see a side of them that only a few people may have seen. It makes you special. By having sex with your partner, you will learn what makes her happy and you will know her better than anyone else.

  • It keeps the connection alive

Sex promotes reassurance, intimacy, and shows you and your partner that you are needed and wanted. Sex is a great way to make you both happy. It lets your partner know that you can still make time for one another. Sex a great way of communication. It assures your other half that all is well and the love is still there.

  • It’s an emotional process

happy-couples-sexSex is an emotional process.

It not only begins with romance but also ends with romance, because both sexes feel the need to cuddle after sex.

Besides, good sex life provides a confidence boost for both genders and it shows that both partners are still interested in every aspect of their relationship. It is natural that the couples who have sex more often, express more feelings. They feel the need to hug, touch, and kiss more often and have no problems with showing this romantic behavior in public. This is because the sex causes the body to produce more oxytocin, which triggers the need to love someone.

  • Better self esteem

You feel great about yourself if you make love with your partner more often. And if you are not, you wonder where else she is getting it. Having a good intimate time with your partner shows her that you are committed and you are in love with her.

  • It keeps things hot

Sex is a great way to break up your routine and recharge at the end of the day. If you do the usual routine on a daily basis, try to have sex at random times. It will keep your relationship with your partner spontaneous and hot.

  • It makes your partner happy

Sex makes women feel needed and wanted. Simply put, having sex makes your girlfriend feel great about herself. If you’re in a relationship but have no sex with your partner, she’s is not fully satisfied. It’s a simple deduction that if your girlfriend is not satisfied with your sex life, she’s going to start looking for sex from somebody else.

  • happy-in-loveIt makes you happy

The purpose of being in a relationship is to make yourself and your partner happy. Sex is fun, so why not relax yourself and enjoy it? You don’t need an excuse to have sex. If sex makes you happy then it’s the only reason you need.

Sex is like a glue that is needed in a relationship to make it strong. It puts you in tune with your partner and reconnects you. Sex keeps your relationship alive.

Do Penis Pumps Actually Work? The Real Truth

Whether you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction or simply wish to make your dick look bigger and harder during sex, you may have considered buying a penis pump to help you have a more satisfying sex life and give your confidence a boost.

Penis pumps are readily available and can easily be bought online. Once you give them a try, the manufacturers promise the pump will fix your sexual problems and give you larger, harder erections. But is that true?

penis-pumpWhat exactly is a penis pump?

A penis pump is a device that is designed to help you enjoy bigger, harder erections and last longer in bed. They are often marketed to help combat erectile dysfunction, although they cannot cure the symptoms directly.

A penis pump uses an air vacuum which will help to draw blood to the penis. As a result, it can give your sex life a significant improvement by helping you achieve and maintain better erections.

There are many different types of penis pump on the market today, which can make shopping for one a little complicated. It’s important to work out what exactly you hope to get out of using a penis pump in order to determine which kind is right for you.

air-water-pumpsWhat types of penis pump can I purchase?

There are two kinds of penis pump to choose from, both of which are available on the market today from most suppliers of sexual products – both online and offline.

The first type is the air assisted penis pump. These are very affordable to purchase and can be bought virtually anywhere that sells sex items. That said, they tend to be cheap for a reason. Air assisted penis pumps are lower in quality and may not provide the significant results you are looking for.

The second, and better kind of penis pump is a water assisted pump, which is not only more likely to give you results, it’s also safer.

doctor-adviceWater assisted penis pumps are often recommended by sexual health professionals as a remedy for men who have trouble maintaining their erections. They are also the pump of choice for thousands of industry professionals, so it’s clear to see how they’re the more reliable option.

Even better – water assisted penis pumps can double up and be used as air pumps if that’s what you’re looking for, however regular air pumps cannot be used with water.

Essentially, when you buy a water assisted penis pump, you’re effectively buying both kinds in one, saving you money and allowing you to try out different techniques. This way, you’ll be able to discover precisely what works for you.

Finally, all water assisted pumps on the market today will have been fully tested for safety, reliability and effectiveness during the design and manufacturing process, so you won’t have to worry about safety or success as you use it.

mens-questionDo penis pumps really work? What do I need to consider?

Once you’ve got your hands on your brand new penis pump, you’ll no doubt be excited to start using it and seeing the results!

But before doing so, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the product and make sure you understand the best ways to use it to achieve your goals. What is it you want out of a penis pump?

If you’re looking to cure erectile dysfunction completely, that’s not going to happen with a penis pump. However, penis pumps can be of great help to those suffering with the condition. While they can’t help you get an erection to begin with, using a pump will increase blood flow to the penis and help you maintain your erection for much longer once you have it, helping you to stay hard until you and your partner are ready to stop.

If you’re simply looking to make your dick appear bigger and harder, you’ll be guaranteed success with a good quality penis pump!

You should aim to use your penis pump for around 10 minutes every day, even on days you do not plan on having sex. You should also use it shortly before having sex to ensure your erection is at its best before getting started.

After learning more about penis pumps and the way they could improve your sex life, why not try them out for yourself? You’ll experience better erections, higher self-esteem and improved sexual experiences.

Without having to worry about maintaining an erection, you’ll be able to take it easy and enjoy the moment without worrying about your dick.

Penis Stretching – Effective or Dangerous?

Every day, hundreds, even thousands, of men search online for ways to increase the size of their penis. One of the first things that come up in these searches is usually penis stretching.

penis-stretchingThere are a number of ways that penis stretching can be done, and each site you visit will likely tout a different method or product and it’s effectiveness.

Unfortunately, these sites are often more full of myths than they are facts.

Hand Stretching – Facts and Fiction

There are a number of penis stretching exercises that are supposed to be a “quick and easy” way to help you achieve a harder, longer-lasting erection, or a bigger penis.

Unfortunately, this method is simply completely ineffective.

When you think about it, this really isn’t surprising – if having a bigger penis was that easy, men all over the world would simply stay at home masturbating and pulling on their penis. Not only is this method of penis stretching completely ineffective, it can actually cause you to eventually completely lose your interest in having actual sex.

penis-pumpingPenis Pumps

A penis pump is a device that usually consists of a tube that is fitted over the penis and connected to a vacuum pump type of device, either a hand pump, plunger, or electric pump. The air pumping in and out of the tube supposedly increases blood flow to the penis, quickly providing you with longer, stronger erection. Not only is this not truly possible – it can actually be dangerous.

Over-pumping is a very common occurrence with penis pumps, and one of the leading causes of penis injury. If you overpump, you can cause the penis to fill with too much blood, bursting blood vessels and casing pain and injury. You’re not likely to want sex at all for quite some time after that, completely defeating the purpose of using the pump to begin with. At best, you may end up with a quite massive erection – that is not only painful, but very likely to subside as soon as you remove the pump.

penis-enlargementPenis Extenders

This is one device that may actually work to improve the quality of your erection and lengthen your penis – but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t proceed with caution. Many extenders are very poor quality, producing no results at all. With the ones that do work and can prove that they are high-quality and medically approved, you still need to be very careful. Overextension of the penis can be extremely painful, putting you completely off sex for quite some time. If you do choose to use a penis extender, you can expect the process to take anywhere from six months to a full year before you achieve noticeable results.


On the surface, penis stretching seems like a quick and easy way to improve the quality of your erection and lengthen the penis. Chances are, you’ve probably read dozens of articles that make it sound as if penis stretching is an excellent, well-proven, painless and safe way to not only add inches, but achieve stronger, longer-lasting erections.

adviceWhen you truly consider the pros and cons however, you will quickly realize that it’s important to research carefully to ensure that you choose a method that will not only truly produce results – but keep you from being injured as well.

What To Do If Your Girl Rejects To Give You Oral Sex?

According to the British actress Maureen Lipman, the worst part of oral sex is ‘the view’. It is one of the many reasons why a lot of women don’t want to perform oral sex with their lover. The view only does not turn them on. But most of the guys do want to have oral sex with their partners.

no-oral-sexIf your girl always makes excuses or hesitates to perform oral sex and avoid giving you head, it might be due to many reasons.

So it is recommended to first know what those reasons are.

Following are some reasons why your girlfriend is not giving you oral sex:

  • She thinks that oral sex is mostly done by prostitutes and it’s disgusting and degrading.
  • She doesn’t want to give you oral sex because she might be thinking “What’s the point of putting in an effort in a thing which is not worth it.”
  • oral-sexShe has no experience of it and did not gave anyone the oral sex before, and she’s scared of embarrassing herself and making an oral sex failure out of herself.
  • She is too doubtful, maybe she has no self-confidence so she feels disappointing, maybe she’s overweight or thinks that she will look stupid or silly when giving you oral sex.
  • She is bad at giving you the oral sex, many people just don’t like doing something they are bad at
  • Your penis is either too smelly or too hairy, and you she doesn’t find you attractive at all because you don’t take care of yourself and other girls also find you unattractive
  • Giving you oral sex does not turn her on because beg for it, ask her to do it, and put yourself in a lower position in your relationship. Cheap persuasion strategies and bribes rarely work (if they ever do). Usually those tactics result in even less oral sex.
  • She has no clue how important giving oral sex for you is and she has no idea how a good oral sex can result in a better relationship with you. And you don’t know how to persuade her to give you oral sex by rewarding her whenever she does what you want (gives you a good oral sex)

blowjob-no-jobAbove are the most common reasons why your girl is not interested in oral sex.

Most of these reasons can be easily tackled by following the steps mentioned below:

  • It’s easy to solve the first thing (her considering oral sex disgusting and only reserved for prostitutes) by being as open-minded as possible. If she feels that you will see her as less valuable if she talks dirty and simply goes and sexually enjoys herself, then she won’t do it. There is only one way to motivate her to let go and enjoy the sex instead of feeling pressured during it is by being completely confident and relaxed. Love her entire body and kiss her everywhere. She should feel that you accept every part of her.
  • Shower, shave and groom. Your penis has to be welcoming as well as spotless. Next, you have to become more attractive to the society. Hit the gym, get a higher status, get a better job, get more social power and friends, make more money, and make a hobby of traveling to exotic places. All this contributes to you being more valuable and interesting. Quit sitting in front of the TV all day and do something interesting with your life. Build up your confidence and try to perform better in bed. All this will make oral sex more interesting to your girl.
  • after-sex-pleasureSomething else you have to do is be as non-judgmental as you can. She needs to know that you will not in any way think less about her if she gives you bad oral sex. And you won’t break up or dump her. Tell her that she can practice as much as she wants on you and try to make oral sex more fun to her instead of making it a chore or job.
  • Don’t try to avoid the issue. Simply tell her you want her to give you oral sex. Gently tell her if she gives you the oral sex, you will really appreciate. Remember not to force it. Let her take control of the situation by starting slowly.
  • If she does give you oral sex, then it’s important that you keep the communication alive during oral sex. Send feedbacks through body language verbal communication.