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  • You will find the exactly routine that has helped thousands of men to level up their sexual life in no time.
  • You will learn how to use the Bathmate for best results. We will show you what works and what does not.

There are real user Bathmate reviews, before and after pictures and success stories you can use for your motivation.

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  • It’s a really great product.
  • It works extremely well
  • It helps you to improve your sexual life.

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In the world we live in today, good sex is everything.

Your skill in the bedroom makes up for a significant measure of your manhood.

Keeping in step with that, the size of your erection is important as much as your bedroom skils. Little wonder many men with a below average penis girth or length feel like they are less than a man or missing something vital.

Thankfully, a penis size is something that can be improved quite easily.

Enter the world of hydro penis pumps.

This equipment has been around for a long time but not all of them give the results that most men are looking for. In fact, many of them don’t.

From personal experience and reading a bunch of reviews and research online, we have come up with an option that I believe is the best for you.

It is the #1 rated and bestselling penis pump worldwide and we are going to tell you all about it.

You are reading this Bathmate review because you want good results?

You are on the right place!

What is Bathmate water penis pump?

Bathmate is different from most other options in the market.

It not only promises extra length, extra girth, stronger orgasms and a more erect penis – it delivers too.

Speaking of functionality, Bathmate is a hydro penis pump. This means it uses water as a suction medium. Water is better that air because suction is more evenly distributed through the entire penis so the erection is firmer. It allows you to increase suction power so you get results faster but safely.

This pump is ideal if you want immediate results.

Yes, results will be quick but may be temporary at first. It will take some time, but if you use Bathmate daily your penile gains become permanent.

How do you use Hydromax?

The cool thing about Bathmate hydropump is how easy it is to use it.

Just sit in the bath or stand under the shower, fill it with water and use it as per its instructions to see how the water suctions and draws blood into the penis and enlarges it beyond its normal size.

With the Bathmate, you don’t have to worry about discomfort.

If you’ve tried other lower quality knock-off or cheap air pumps you probably know a thing or two about excruciating pain. Bathmate’s water suction technology along with the incorporated comfort pad results in a male enhancement tool you won’t find anywhere else these days.

It so simple to use. Comfortable and safe.

Why does hydro penis pump work?

There’s a few reasons why Bathmate hydropump just works better.

I will explain.

  • Eliminates discomfort. Conventional air pumps have been known to be the biggest sources of anguish for men seeking to enlarge their penile bone. These pumps cause pain when and sometimes discoloration and development of patches. The Bathmate’s water suction system eliminates both problems.
  • Yields better results. What’s the point in being more comfortable if you don’t produce what you want, right? Thankfully, Bathmate delivers significantly better than any air pumps.
  • Growth is permanent. Haven’t you heard stories of men that experienced gains with conventional air pumps but lost them after months of use? Simply, this will never happen with the Bathmate water pump. Never.
  • Better sexual situation. What’s the point of a bigger dick if you can’t do anything with it? Beyond giving you a larger penis, Hydromax7 also helps to give you a firmer erection, helps you last longer, providing powerful orgasms in the process. Trust me, by the time you have over an inch of growth in length and girth, your monster cock will shock every vagina it comes in contact with.

Bathmate Real User Reviews:

I’ve said a lot about the Bathmate but you don’t have to take my words for it.

Here’s a few reviews from real people who have experienced the pleasure of the Bathmate and Hydromax. Read these bathmate before and after testimonials.

I was the body builder with a little pecker. Do you know how frustrating it is to be over 6 ft 1 inch tall, have 40 inch biceps, a wide chest and still look like a lady down under? That’s what I felt like for so long with my 5 inch dick. Then I read your review and put money down on the Hydro7 mostly out of desperation. Turned out to be a good move. It’s been 13 weeks and I’ve gained almost an inch and a half! Now all I want to wear are briefs!!

– Curtis


My air pump ruined my life! I was air pumping for 8 months and it bruised me really badly with only a 0.5cm gain. A friend recommended Bathmate Hydro to me and I decided to try it out. I’m 3 months in and I’ve already gotten over an inch! You better believe I’m not about to stop! Upgrading to the Hydromax x30 next week!

– Poker face

My girl won’t let me do anal anymore. Didn’t know getting a bigger plunger would have a downside to it. She says it feels like a subway sandwich whenever I try to take her from the rear. I guess that’s what a 2 inch gain in 5 months will do to you. Oh, and I also got a 1 inch increase in girth. Bottom line. I’m good!

– Darnell


I’ve been using the Bathmate Hydro for 2 months now. And recently my wife surprised me with the Hydromax7. Lol. I guess that means she was so pleased with the Bathmate that she wanted more. A gain of 1.3 inches in length and 0.5 inches in girth is always a wonderful thing.

– White Smith

Bathmate before and after success story

Second year of college and no gf. I had to watch all my friends pick off all the girls I was attracted to. I was always the kid in the corner at parties. Seven months ago, I bought the Bathmate and bam! My confidence and libido went crazy! Thanks so much for introducing me to this pump. I started at just under 4 inches and now I’m just past 5. Also, I got laid at least twice every week last month!

– Timothy

This pump saved my marriage. Before this pump, things had gotten so bad I was having sex less than once a week. I just celebrated my 44th seven months ago and my wife is 16 years younger and waaay hornier than I could ever be. I was scared that she would soon go find some real action somewhere else. So I got to researching and found many reviews about this product so I got it. I used it for 4 months and shot up to 6.2 inches from 5.1 inches!

I confident to share my great hydromax results!

This tiny thing has saved my marriage! Now I hit my woman 3 times a week on average and my sex drive is on another planet! I also love that she can’t seem to keep her mouth closed whenever I try to force my massive cock into her!

I now use the Hydromax XX40. Thanks a bunch!

– William. A


It’s been a year and I’m still shocked! I gained over 2½ inches in length and an inch of girth in 13 months of constant use. I know this s**t works but I’m also aware – and grateful – that my results are not typical. I was at 5.3 inches when I picked up the Bathmate in 2017. I’ve had to upgrade twice and now use the Hydromax XX40. I now have a 7.9 inch monster and let’s just say I can’t get my phone to stop ringing. I’ve had to block some girls too lol.

– Tracy Funk

True Hydromax 7 before and after picture

It’s only been 3 weeks and I’m amazed. The first day I used Hydromax7, I was amazed at how much longer and girthier my dick looked and felt after just one use. I soon learned this wasn’t permanent because it had almost returned back to normal size by the next morning. I discovered it takes at least 3 months to record permanent gains so I’m definitely going to keep at it.

For now I’m just glad with the hydromax results I see after a session and I make sure to always use it a few hours before my girl comes over. She doesn’t have any complaints either if you know what I mean, after all, it was her idea.

– Metal Angel

What results to expect

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to remind you, if you’re not ready for the results, forget this hydropump and stick to only jelqing. Because the satisfaction will come when you use the Hydromax.

Speaking of results, here’s what you can expect from this tool in a nutshell.

  • A bigger, fuller, stronger erection
  • You’ll be able to have sex for longer
  • Your libido will skyrock. You’ll want to have sex all the time!
  • You’ll be absolutely grateful for the confidence boost.
  • A more secure, committed relationship, because who wants to leave that massive shaft behind?

When and how much length will I gain?

The best part about the Bathmate is that it delivers both quick and long term results. For the temporary gains, if you use it as per its instructions, you’ll immediately see that your dick is visibly bigger.

For best results, you need to use this pump for about 10 – 15 min per session, daily. Any less and you may just be wasting your time. Any more and you may be risking tissue damage that may just end up giving you a curved penis.

While temporary gains are cool – especially if you plan on having sex the same day – they typically last from 3 to 10 hours before reversing.

For long term, permanent gains, you need to follow the instructions that come with the hydropump for more than 3 months (ideally 6 mo) for your gains to stop reversing. And it doesn’t end there; the longer you use it, the more gains you’ll record along with the boost in overall firmness and sexual performance.

So how big will you get exactly?

Well, based on a 6-month research conducted by expert urologists in Sweden, a 15-minute session everyday for 6 months resulted in an average length gain of 1.77 inches and a girth increase of 0.83 inches.

Are bathmate results permanent?

In theory, yes. After at least three months, gains are permanent but at the end of the day, it really depends on you and how you use your hydropump.

But you can be sure of one thing, if done the right way, you won’t want to stop.

You and your partner will definitely feel the sexual improvement the first time you have sex after you start using it. And get ready to be hounded by her if you ever miss a session.

“As his cock entered me, I noticed it was more of strain and he had to readjust a few times to actually get in there. I don’t know why but the way he made my clit feel was like nothing I had felt in a while and I came hard.”

– a woman said when her husband tried the Hydromax5 for the first time.

A good penis pump workout

We know you desperately want a huge increase in penis size ASAP but please, remember – LESS is MORE when it comes to penis pumping. The last thing you want is a doctor’s visit instead of great sex tonight, right?

So start slow. Take a bath and when you are under the shower (or in the bath), massage your penis until it is at most 75% erect. First time around you may end up just jerking off but that’s okay. Practice makes perfect.

  • First, apply a thin layer of lubricant to avoid any kind of chaffing or irritation. Next, form an ‘okay sign’ loop with your thumb and index finger and place at the base of your penis.

  • Without applying too much pressure, slide your looked fingers slowly up the shaft of your penis in a slight pulling motion. A full movement from the base to the tip should not take more than 3 seconds.
  • Loosen your fingers once you get to the tip. Then you loop them again and repeat the process again at least three to five times from the base.

This exercise is called jelqing and helps to improve the penis pump workout effectiveness.

  • Next, fill your Bathmate with water and slide it onto your penis, turning on the pressure valve. It’s better to do this with a clean shave so that the pump can generate optimal suction. Also make sure it sits at the base of the shaft.

  • Press the pump to push water out of the end, creating suction pressure on your penis. You’ll notice that with every push there is increased pressure and your dick will look bigger.
  • After 3 minutes, press the main valve again to release pressure and then take off the pump.

  • Take this time to do another 20 jelqs and then let your penis sit for a few minutes.
  • Do another seeion with the pump, this time for 5 minutes
  • Take it off, do another 20 jelqs and relax for a few minutes

If you’re not a beginner, you can consider doing an extra 10 minute round.

Whatever the case, we recommend that you do not exceed 15 min cumulatively for every session and that you use the hydro penis pump only once per day.

Another helpful tip is to keep using your hydro pump even after you’ve reached your goal although at a lower frequency. Yes, your results may be permanent but like in the case of body building, when you gain muscles you need to keep lifting weights to keep them from shrinking.

So after you hit your ideal length and girth, you can drop your usage frequency down to one session, twice a week to maintain your gains.

Should you buy Bathmate?

What if I tell you that Bathmate can change your sexual life for good?

Regardless of your penis size, harder and longer lasting erections are always welcome when it comes to having a great sex with your lover.

In addition, no girl would refuse a few more inches in length or some extra penis girth – make a brief visit to a sex toyshop and you will see that most of the bestselling dildos are bigger than the average penis.

Hydromax5 testimonial

However, finding a penis pump that actually works online is an arduous task and most men give up quickly, or end up with a product that is of low quality at best, or does not work at all at worst.

Who is this hydro pump for?

  • If you’re a man.
  • If you’re displeased or dissatisfied with your sex life.
  • If you wish you could go at it for longer.
  • If you suffer from any degree of erectile dysfunction and want a much harder erection.
  • If you want more sexual friction with a longer and thicker penis.
  • If you hope everyday for a stronger orgasm

then you are the ideal candidate for the Bathmate’s magic.

When conversing with women, almost nothing is as powerful a courage booster as knowg you’ve got a gladiator level penis. Bathmate is a safe, healthy and inexpensive alternative that makes getting this confidence possible.

Now you can truly be man’s man and it’s all down to you and the amoint of work you can muster to make it happen. You’ll be happy to put your woman’s dildo and other sex toys out of business while you get rid of all the Viagra, chemicals and injections.

Bathmate vs. Hydromax – What is better?

If  you’re a penis enlargement enthusiast, you’ve probably already heard about the Bathmate and the Hydromax.

  • So which is better?
  • Which is more value for your money?

Before you go around pitting one over the other you must know this. Both pump brands are made by the same company. And both are built with the same level of skill and expertise and from the same high quality materials.

While Bathmate is the original water pump and is a cheaper alternative for P.E, Hydromax is like Bathmate on steroids.

  • Hydromax is more effective and easier to use.
  • Hydromax also comes with a comfort pad.

This tiny accessory not only makes it feel more comfortable when you press the pump against your pubic bone but it enable you to increase the suction power and keep it consistent for longer.

Hydromax with Comfort Pad and a detachable handball pump

This is what makes the Hydromax the better water penis pump all around. Be ready to shell out more money for this bad boy though.

Hydromax Pros

  • Easier to use. Locks water in better without leakage
  • More power for better, faster results while still maintaining safety.
  • Very comfortable – much better that any other pump I have ever tried.

In conclusion, this company manufactures their devices in three product lineups:

The Bathmate Hydro series, The Hydromax series, and the HydroXtreme series.

The Hydro series – formerly known as the Bathmate series – has only one model in the category – Hydro 7. This is the new basic Bathmate original hydro penis pump. It was designed to support the majority of beginner users around the world, who are looking for a good but cheap product.

Only if you are on a thin budget get Hydro 7.

The Hydromax series has a few more options.

They are ideal for those looking for a more powerful water penis pump – with 35% pressure increase over what the Hydro7 provides.

92% of the people who went with a pump from this series have reported immense satisfaction. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced users.

If you just want a good water penis pump for fast results get Hydromax, depending on your current size:

  • Hydromax 5 – This perfect for users with a length of up to 5 inches.
  • Hydromax 7 – Ideal for people with erections of between 5 to 7 inches.
  • Hydromax 7 Wide Body – If the Hydromax7 feels tight to get into, you definitely need this variation of it for men with larger girths.
  • Hydromax 9 – This one is for men who measure up to 9 inches when erect and want better erections and longer lasting pleasure.

The HydroXtreme series is for the big guns.

What best of the best, all-in-one solution?

HydroExtreme series come fitted with a handball to better control and optimize pump pressure, plus a set of accessories for your even better gaining pleasure and comfort.

  • HydroXtreme 5 – Ideal for the 5 inch erection and below
  • HydroXtreme 7 – Same as the Hydromax 7, only with faster gains and better results
  • HydroXtreme 7 wide body – Same as the HydroXtreme 7 but for those with a wider girth
  • HydroXtreme 9 – This is the perfect size and strength enhancer for those who are between 7 and 9 inches
  • HydroXtreme 11 – This is monster level madness. Hands down the biggest penis pump on earth! This one’s for those whose gargantuan cocks measure above 9 inches when erect.

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Accessories – do you need them?

While Bathmate pumps can work wonders if you purchase them alone, the available accessory options – like those that come with the HydroXtreme – make the enhancement journey much more effective with less possible hassle.

Some of these accessories include:

  • Cleaning Kit – This helps you to keep your Bathmate completely hygienic.
  • Capsule Case – You’ll need a durable place to store your pump after use. This discreet and durable casing can also be used to transport it.
  • Pleasure Lube – This helps to smoothen the enhancement journey. It is a safe water-based lubricant to use whenever you need it including for jelqing in between pumping sessions.
  • Shower Strap – Provides a much needed level of convenience for using your hydro pump while in the shower. With the shower strap you can operate your pump hands-free.
  • Measuring Gauge – You’ll want to keep a record of your steady progress and gains as you use your pump. This gauge helps you accurately measure your penis length and girth after each session.

These accessories collectively help to amplify the gains process while making it as clean, convenient and as measurable as possible.

Are you ready for great sex?

Final Words

You and I would be lying through our teeth if we say that size doesn’t matter because it does – to us and our love partners. And it doesn’t matter if your lady says that she doesn’t mind about your size, because the truth is, the love is much better with a bigger penis.

In my experience, knowing you have a much bigger member in your trousers is one of the biggest confidence boosters any man can have. So besides, the better and longer sex you’ll definitely be having, confidence is something that also benefits you outside the bedroom.

With the many companies out there vying for your attention with their male enhancement options, none come close to the Bathmate’s superior build and performance or yield the same kind of results.

No one wants their dick in a cheaply made penis pump.

So whether you’re a one-woman man or a serial hitter, if you’re looking for a crazy rock solid erection, an all around larger penis and intense, longer lasting sex, the Bathmate is hands down the best penis pump money can buy.

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