Do You Really Need a Bigger Penis?

Your Ultimate Guide to G-spot Stimulation

One of many men’s biggest concerns when it comes to getting naked in the bedroom is their penis size. They’re always afraid it will be too small and that their woman will be disappointed or that they won’t be able to please her as well as someone with a bigger penis.

bigger-penis-wowThat’s honestly the biggest myth in the world of sexual pleasure.

The truth is, many women actually don’t pay much attention to the size of your penis.


They pay attention to how well you use it.

Aka: if you know what you’re doing, your penis size doesn’t matter at all.

Note: When I say most women I do not mean ALL women. There are many who say having sex with a bigger dick is always better.

in fact, many men also find that their penis is too small compared to the big vibrators you can find in sex shops.

Sure, a research proves that men don’t actually have to have “porn star sized dicks” in order to full please their woman and hit their G-spot.

Do You Really Need a Bigger Penis?

The honest answer is probably a “no”. Although you may think that you’re “small”, you’re probably average and maybe even above average. The woman’s G-spot is actually only 2-3 inches inside her vagina on the front wall. That’s why you only really need to slip a couple fingers into her in order to actually hit it.

good-sexHowever, an inch or two more is usually needed when having sex in order to stimulate the G-spot.

The average penis size is actually about 5-6 inches when erect.

This means that the majority of men – the ones who are worrying about their size – actually don’t need a larger penis at all. They’re basically all the perfect size.

So no, you probably don’t need a bigger penis.

big-dick-orgasmHow to Stimulate the G-Spot

The G-spot is like a magic button that causes a woman to orgasm if pressed over and over again.

So what you need to do to stimulate it is just that! G-spots can even be stimulated using only fingers. You can use that in foreplay to really get her going before beginning intercourse.

G-Spot Sex Positions

While you can stimulate her G-spot in really any sex position, there are a few that do so MUCH more than others and are more smaller-penis friendly. If you’ve got the average penis size or even an inch smaller you’re probably doing just fine.

But these position will certainly give you an advantage to getting your girl off.

Doggy Style – Doggy style is always the perfect position to stimulate the G-spot because it allows the women to have control.

This means that they can actually tilt their pelvis and adjust their body so you can hit that spot just right. This is great because you men don’t even have to do any work!

Spooning – Another perfect position. This puts you right in line for her G-spot without moving around at all. As long as the two of you are front to back, your penis will go right in and run into her G-spot – making it the ultimate G-spot stimulator.

Missionary with a Pillow – Although missionary may not be every man’s favorite position, it’s a really great one for stimulating her G-spot.

One tip that will make it much easier to reach her G-spot is to put a pillow under her butt. This lifts her torso and causes you to line up directly to where you need to be.

huge-penis-effectThe Very Real Downside to Large Penises

Many men think that a large penis means you’ve got it made and all the ladies would LOVE to get in on some of that action. This is a false way of thinking. Although not all men with bigger penises experience these downfalls, here they are.

It Doesn’t Fit – The truth is that a woman’s pleasure canal is only about 5-6 inches long when they’re aroused. This means that anybody with a longer penis doesn’t exactly have it made. They can’t even fit their whole penis in – so it’s less pleasure for them.

No Blow Jobs – I know this will get your attention. Women are MUCH less likely to give oral sex if a man has a large penis.

It’s Painful – If their penis is too long, it will repeatedly hit a woman’s cervix (the end of her vagina) – which is an extremely sensitive spot. So IT HURTS. And if it’s too wide, it will stretch them out and that’s also quite painful.

It’s Intimidating – It’s true! Some women take one look at a very large penis and immediately are just scared. They can be very intimidating because women don’t want to go through any pain during sex and a big penis will make them fear the pain.

So do you really need a bigger penis?

The truth is probably not. If you want to up your G-spot stimulation game, just take a look at all of the tips above!


whatever we say, the fact is that women buy big dildos all the time. 🙂