Vacuum Devices: Safe or Not? Is it Effective for Erectile Dysfunction?

The Vacuum Erection Devices or Penis Pumps for ED are the only non-invasive, safe and effective treatment for men with erection problems.

For men who cannot take medication or do not wish to rely on invasive surgery, Vacuum therapy with an erection device is the only suitable alternative.

Supplements, lotions and injections are commonly sought to alleviate ED. Unfortunately, they can contain harsh chemicals and can cause side effects.

What is a Vacuum Erection Device?

The vacuum erection device consists of a durable acrylic cylinder.

A pump is connected to the cylinder and used to stimulate the penis.

The pump can be either manual (a handball) or an electric one.

To use the device, it is placed on the penis. By pumping the cylinder, it creates a vacuum or suction effect. It is this effect that promotes an erection.

What Does a Penis Pump for ED Do?

The purpose of a erectile dysfunction pump is to assist men suffering from erection problems. It draws blood into the penis to engorge the penis and manage an erect state.

This is the perfect non-surgical alternative to improving sexual performance and quality of life.

The main purpose of using of a vacuum penis pump is to assist in achieving and maintaining an healthy erection. The pumping action can be initiated by hands or with the use of a battery assisted mechanism.

This therapy has grown in popularity because of its multitude of benefits for men of all ages, affected by erectile problems.

The Way Vacuum Devices Work

To work, the pump must create a vacuum.

When you remove the air (or water for hydro penis pumps), it creates a vacuum – simple as that. This vacuum will increase blood flow into the penis shaft and the swelling creates an erection.

When you remove the pump, a penis ring can be placed at the base of the penis to ensure the erection remains.

According to WebMD, a penis ring can be safely used up to 30 minutes.

What is the Success Rate of Using Penis Pumps for ED?

According to VacuHealth, the use of a penis vacuum pump can improve an erection for patients who have undergone a prostatectomy.

WebMD has cited a 50 to 80% success rate of using Vacuum Devices for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or weak erection problems.

What is the Main Benefit of Using Erectile Dysfunction Pump?

Using the correct device and following its instructions can improve your sex life.

  • It is non-invasive
  • Does not require a prescription
  • Is practical to use
  • Can be incorporated into erectile dysfunction treatment plans
  • Delivers good results when used correctly.

Vacuum devices are easy to use as a standalone therapy or in combination with alternative treatments. For many individuals having recovered from surgery, an erection device is used to support a full erection.

The male population has come to avoid the use of prescription medication in treating erectile issues. Although pills are still widely accessed, healthier and safer alternatives are growing in demand. Pumps are reliable devices with unique design that has helped many couples.

Post-surgical recovery, depression, anxiety, chronic ailments and poor penile blood flow all contribute to erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps for eddevices can be successfully incorporated in each of these cases.


Erectile dysfunction is a common condition among men. It can affect the male population at any age but is most prominent in men over the age of 55 years.

Prescription pills have been viewed less favorably as a treatment. This is owed to increased reports of severe side effects and health risks.

The Vacuum erection device is non-invasive, simple to use and has satisfied up most of men who use it.

Chronic conditions affecting sexual performance, need not consume your happiness and quality of life.

Men affected by diabetes, high blood pressure and ailments requiring prescription care are restricted in terms of erectile dysfunction treatments.

Using a pump is a safe alternative.

The popularity of acuum devices is owed to their simplicity and effectiveness. An erection can be reached, and intercourse performed with successful results.