Good Sex – Better Relationships

Most people believe sex is overrated in a relationship, while others believe there are several reasons why good sex is important.

When you love someone, it can connect you and your partner in way unlike any other. Apart from the connecting part to spend the time with your other half, there are many other benefits too.

Following are some reasons that explain why good sex is important for a better relationship:

  • It connects you

It is one of the best reasons why good sex is important for couples in love. Obviously getting physically involved with each other is going to bring the two of you closer.

Sometimes being in love and being attracted to each other does not mean that sexual chemistry is there. But that chemistry does come together once you find you and your partner in the bedroom.

  • happy-togetherIt adds passion to your relationship

The best relationship you can have is with somebody who is your best friend as well as your lover.

If you are in a relationship without sex, you might as well be dating just a best friend.

It’s simple as that.

Passion is necessary for a relationship. Relationships need sexiness and excitement. Sex with your partner is the only factor that keeps the passion alive. It makes the relationship stimulating, desirable, and fun.

  • It helps you know each other better

When you are in a relationship, you want your partner to know you completely from inside and out.

The more sex you have with your partner, the better she will get at making you happy.

That’s why you should have good sex whenever you can.

When you have sex with somebody, they’re allowing you to see a side of them that only a few people may have seen. It makes you special.

By having sex with your partner, you will learn what makes her happy and you will know her better than anyone else.

  • It keeps the connection alive

Sex promotes reassurance, intimacy, and shows you and your partner that you are needed and wanted.

Sex is a great way to make you both happy.

It lets your partner know that you can still make time for one another.

Sex a great way of communication. It assures your other half that all is well and the love is still there.

  • It’s an emotional process

happy-couples-sexSex is an emotional process.

It not only begins with romance but also ends with romance, because both sexes feel the need to cuddle after sex.

Besides, good sex life provides a confidence boost for both genders and it shows that both partners are still interested in every aspect of their relationship.

It is natural that the couples who have sex more often, express more feelings. They feel the need to hug, touch, and kiss more often and have no problems with showing this romantic behavior in public.

This is because the sex causes the body to produce more oxytocin, which triggers the need to love someone.

  • Better self esteem

You feel great about yourself if you make love with your partner more often. And if you are not, you wonder where else she is getting it.

Having a good intimate time with your partner shows her that you are committed and you are in love with her.

  • It keeps things hot

Sex is a great way to break up your routine and recharge at the end of the day. If you do the usual routine on a daily basis, try to have sex at random times. It will keep your relationship with your partner spontaneous and hot.

  • It makes your partner happy

Sex makes women feel needed and wanted. Simply put, having sex makes your girlfriend feel great about herself. If you’re in a relationship but have no sex with your partner, she’s is not fully satisfied.

It’s a simple deduction that if your girlfriend is not satisfied with your sex life, she’s going to start looking for sex from somebody else.

  • happy-in-loveIt makes you happy

The purpose of being in a relationship is to make yourself and your partner happy.

Sex is fun, so why not relax yourself and enjoy it?

You don’t need an excuse to have sex. If sex makes you happy then it’s the only reason you need.

Sex is like a glue that is needed in a relationship to make it strong.

It puts you in tune with your partner and reconnects you. Sex keeps your relationship alive.