How to Use a Penis Pump – a Must Read for Couples

Hi, I am Kaitlyn and this is my advice on how to use a penis pump with your boyfriend. This happened two years ago but it took me so long to gather courage to publish it online.

DISCLAIMER: This is a real personal story. It contains explicit graphic content and strong language. Not intended for people under 18!

First and foremost I love my boyfriend enough to stick with him even though he had a rare condition that could force me away.

And really, it tried to, just the same way it had made his previous girlfriends ditch him.

But I wasn’t like the others, and like I said, I stuck around with him.

I mean, I wanted to, even if things got harder than this.

But I didn’t think things would go at harder. Not when his condition was already the worst it could be.

We’d been dating for two months and I just didn’t see myself breaking up with him over a condition that was not his fault.

The thing is, Jason had a very severe case of erectile dysfunction.

Prior to meeting him, I had never been with a man with erection problems, but I definitely wouldn’t be exaggerating to conclude that Jason’s was the worst kind.

He’d opened up to me a week after we started seeing other.

I’d thought he was making things up, trying to shove me off with a sick joke. But that was until I witnessed it firsthand.

Our first time was great, with him pumping his eight-inch cock into me and stretching me out until I screamed out in near-pain.

But he could only hold an erection for a few minutes. Perhaps four or five, but he could never stay hard for ten minutes.

It wasn’t long before his once hard cock became flaccid inside of me.

That was only one of many experiences, and sadly, his poor sexual health was doing more that just affecting our relationship.

It was affecting him as well.

His self-esteem deflated just as fast as his cock, and with each passing day he sank deeper into depression.

I felt that he was losing the part of him that made him a man.

He was a great person deep down, always wanting to fully please me in bed just as much as I pleased him, and each attempt at it only intensified his hurt.

I had to help him.

There had to be a way out of this.

I wanted him to wear his body with confidence, to put his virility to proper use, and to please me just the same way I pleased him.

I wanted to fully enjoy his body, the same way he enjoyed mine.

And most of all, I wanted our relationship to be better.

I was looking for a solution but I didn’t feel good about ratting out my boyfriend to my friends. But soon the pressure became all too intense; so intense I felt the load on my shoulders. I felt I could make it all better, so I settled for surfing the web.

The Solution or … The End?

That was when I found a penis pump – a vacuum constriction device.

The reviews I found online were impressive enough to get me to hit the purchase button. But Jason wasn’t exactly impressed when it arrived. He doubted it would work. He’d taken pills, but they’d all let him down.

But I wasn’t backing off; not until he’d tried and failed.

Sure, he would be emotionally scarred and utterly frustrated if the penis pump failed him just like the other therapies he’d undergone.

But it was a risk I was willing to take.

It wasn’t easy getting him to accept the product, but he eventually did.

Perhaps he only accepted to try it out so he could prove to me how hopeless his situation was, or perhaps he only did it for the sake of the money I’d spent purchasing it.

But whatever it was, it was totally worth it.

It was our first time handling a penis pump so we held back from using it until we had thoroughly read the user manual. Going through the manual together, I couldn’t help but notice his excitement. It went beyond a gleam in his eyes.

It was a water pump, so we had to use it in the bath or in the shower.

I helped him out of his clothes, and then I stripped out of mine so we were both naked. I wanted him to feast his eyes on my nudity as a means of visual stimulation while we put the penis pump to use.

We filled the bathtub with warm water and then we got in. His cock stayed flaccid, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before he had an erection. I had him relax, with his back against the bath tub.

I wrapped my fingers around his cock and started to stroke it, helping him with arousal. I ran my fingers up and down his shaft. He moaned, breathing hard as I kept at it.

I wanted him off for no less than five minutes, long enough to achieve a barely noticeable hardness in his cock–yes, it always took him to long to get an erection.

Still holding his cock, I reached for the plastic tube of the penis pump and filled it with water from the tub, and then I slid his flabby cock inside of it.

When the Bathmate had swallowed up his full length, I pressed the gaiter to his pelvis. Every now and then, I would look up at him to catch a reaction. I wanted to be sure he felt no discomfort. And he didn’t.

The Bathmate was unlike anything I’d ever handled before, so I’d initially thought it would be a little too technical to use. But it was far from the complicated appliance I’d painted it to be.

The Bathmate penis pump

It was just as convenient as using an everyday device, like a mobile phone.

Once the flask was tight around his cock, I glanced up at him again. He felt no unease; only anticipation. I could see from the gleam in his eyes that he wanted to see the results just as much as I did.

So I started to pump him, working his cock with the flask. The intensity of my movement was neither too hard nor too lenient. Moderation was the key, and so far, it was just what we needed.

With each pump, the valve at the top of the pump spurted out water.

Maintaining a light-to-medium pressure, I kept pumping, forcing blood into his cock until the water stopped exiting the valve at the top of Bathmate.

After a short break, I refilled the transparent flask once again with warm water.

And then I started to pump again.

His cock became engorged as I kept pumping, and as it increased in girth and length, it expelled a lot more water from the pump.

Unable to contain my astonishment, I held my breath. His cock was inching its way toward the top of the flash. It hadn’t been that long when we started.

I repeated the cycle six times, spending twenty minutes pumping him.

After the sixth time, I pressed the valve at the top of the Bathmate Pump to discontinue the process. The new size and girth of his cock was jaw-dropping.

Sure, I’d had no doubts the Bathmate would work, but I hadn’t thought it would work so magically.

Desperate to feel it in my hands, I reached out to touch it.

It was definitely real.

Real enough to ravage my pussy.

Frozen in place, Jason could only stare at the monster between his legs.

He lashed it this way and that, his lips splitting apart to let out a voiceless shout. It was impossible to believe the incredible change in his cock in only twenty minutes. His cock was hard and fully stretched.

It was harder than it had ever been, with eye-popping veins all around it.

Twenty minutes was all it took for Jason to strip off his skepticism and become a Bathmate fanatic.

He grabbed the pump and put it away, his eyes gleaming with lustful triumph. All smiles, I smacked my lips. I knew where this was going.

Sex After Using a Penis Pump was… AMAZING!

I rose to my feet, grabbed the walls of the bathtub and arched my back so my ass stuck out toward him.

My pussy was dripping wet, and it wasn’t just the water. Working his cock with the pump had made my stomach clench with desire. My pussy was on fire, waiting for his giant cock to come extinguish it.

He slowly approached me from behind, eager to test out his cock.

I loved the gleam in his eyes–the gleam of a child eager to test out his new toy.

Grabbing my hip with one hand to sturdy himself, he placed his cock at the entrance of my pussy. I moaned, feeling the fat head slowly tease me as it eased his way in.

My pussy throbbed almost painfully as it stretched around him, accommodating his new SIZE. God, he really was huger than ever before.

I tightened my fingers around the tub as he pushed his way in. With a vigorous thrust, he slipped all the way in. I cried out as he tore me apart, stretching me to what I thought was my limit. And then he started to pound me. His rhythm was slow at first. He gently pulled in and out. Maybe this was him trying hard not to hurt me with his new size. Or maybe not.

He was soon carried away in his thrusts, and then he picked up pace, our skin slamming into each other as he took me from behind. My breasts jiggled on my chest and my hair spilled around my face as he unleashed a side of him I had never seen before.

He pounded me with a feverish intensity, I found it almost painful.

But I loved the feel of his huge cock filling me up completely.

For the first time since our relationship, Jason didn’t grow flaccid inside of me.

Moments passed, and he stayed hard, hammering me with a relentless pace.

And for the first time, I climaxed with him inside of me.

It was a beautiful sensation, maddening and purely divine. I heard his deep grunts as he came as well, shooting his hot seed inside of me.

The Bathmate Pump did more than we’d thought it would.

It helped him stay big and hard for longer enough.

We made love in a way we’d never done before, exploring each other’s bodies and savoring the moment.

The results we had that day were impressive enough to make us use the pump religiously.

Every day for fifteen to twenty minutes. I watched my boyfriend’s confidence seep back into his life as he became the virile man he had always wanted to be.

But what was even more impressive was the fact that we never had to worry about erectile dysfunction anymore.

The change in his life, and in our sex life, was too good to be true.

We feared that the results from using the pump would be temporary, and his condition would reverse once we stopped using it.

So I suggested we take a break from it for a few weeks and see if his cock would stay the same. And it did stay the same.