The Before and After Results of Using Top of the Line Penis Pumps

One of common things men worry about is the penis size and the performance in the bedroom. So much so, that the concern and worry about this can cause self-confidence and self-esteem issues.

I lost self-confidence in the bedroom and had self-esteem issues for a long while. I wanted to impress and satisfy my girl and perform well in bed, John says.

You maybe have heard one way of solving this is by using a penis pump – there are so many real user testimonials and success stories from men who suffered from erectile problems or small penis size.

I learned that I could improve my size, both length and girth, if I used a penis pump. So I did, and the results I got were unexpectedly positive. Here is what happened after a month.

But before we start with results, let see how this thing works.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Using a Penis Pump

A penis pump is a device that men use to get bigger, harder, and longer erections in the bedroom. It works by using a vacuum to help draw blood to the penis, which leads to a stronger, rock-solid erection.

Here are a few reasons why you should use a penis pump, especially if you are not doing well under the sheets.

  • If you are unable to achieve erections, a penis pump will help you get up and perform. It will drive more blood into your dick, which will fill up the erectile tissue, and help you become hard.
  • If you are able to achieve erections but they are considered ‘quick’, you can use a penis pump to help you last longer.

It’s no secret that women tend to take longer than men to become satisfied, and so if you are unable to stay big and hard for long enough, improve your blood flow to get stronger erections.

  • If you are concerned about your penis size, you can use a penis pump on a regular basis to increase your size and girth over time. Yes, this does take quite a bit of time but it can be done.

But Way?

  • Regular use of a penis pump improves how well your erectile tissues will fill with blood, giving you bigger, stronger erections.
  • Beyond this, most men who use a penis pump of good quality regularly do report having growth in their penis size.
  • Pumps are non-invasive, carry less risk than other treatments, and cost much less than other forms of treatments after the initial purchase.

Plus, If you are not getting a lot of action in the bedroom, regardless of the reason why, you should get a penis pump to ensure that your penis gets the exercise it needs to keep it functioning properly.

Also, they can be used alongside other forms of treatment if you choose to get one.

What Type of Results Can You Expect From Using a Penis Pump?

In the short term, you are going to get harder erections immediately as the pump is going to allow you to have increased blood flow to the penis by drawing it down and into your dick through the use of vacuum.

On first use, you’re going to notice that both the girth and the length of your dick is going to be bigger due to an increase in blood flow versus what you are generally used to, however, this is temporary without regular use.

It is highly recommended to use the pump on a daily basis – it takes no more than 10 minutes a day or so.

In the long term, you’re going to have permanent growth plus a healthier penis due to overall improved blood flow.

This is because the longer you force more and more blood flow into the dick, the less symptoms you are going to have of erectile issues, meaning you’re going to be happier with your dick and perform better.

This, in turn, will encourage you to continue using the penis pump, causing you to continuously see an increase in length and girth.

What Real Users Have to Say About Their Results.

Before choosing a penis pump at random, make sure to listen to what real users have to say about their experiences.

It is important to read through both the positive and negative reviews to see what the advantages and disadvantages of each type of pump or pump brand has.

Beyond this, make sure to pay special attention to what other people complain about and how it relates to you.

See if there is a consensus based on the feedback and experience left as this will help you narrow down which penis pump is right for you.

In most cases, you are going to come across either really positive reviews or really negative reviews.

A lot of the negative reviews focus on cheap, low quality, air assisted pumps that you would typically find in a sex toy shop.

However, I would not recommend buying one of these as they tend to break rather easily, are hard to clean, don’t do that great of a job, and have the potential to expose you to greater risk of injury

Rather, when I am looking at reviews, I look for real people that use high quality, medically approved products as these are going to be much more effective, easier to use, and a whole lot safer.

After all, you want great sex, not a doctor visit.

Here are some user reviews and what they have to say about their results.

  • Hydromax X30: “It’s the best thing I ever bought, sometimes I think even better than my house purchase. Between doing jelqing for eight months, where I only gained a quarter of an inch, and combining it with the Hydromax X30, I’ve been able to gain almost 2 inches in size with a 1 inch girth increase. Went from 6 inches to 8 inches. Wife doesn’t want me to get any bigger.”

  • Hydro7: “Girlfriend won’t do anal with me anymore since I gained over half an inch in girth. It hurts her too much, that’s about the only downside to using this pump.”
  • Hydromax 7: “After using this pump for 16 weeks, I was able to gain almost one and half inches in length and 0.7 inches in girth. It’s also made it so that my erections are rock solid, which is fantastic since I am in my forties. Hydromax is nothing short of absolutely amazing.”
  • Hydromax7: “In so long as you stay devoted to using it on a regular basis, you will see an increase of one to three inches within six months of permanent growth. However, you’ll be mindfucked when you see how much bigger your dick is instantly.”

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  • HydroXtreme7: “Within the first two months, I didn’t really see any gains apart from my dick looking big right after use, which made me kind of disappointed. However, I kept using it and by the time the fourth month rolled around, I had gained an entire inch. By the six month, I was up to an inch and a half. Stay persistent.”
  • HydroXtreme9: “At first, I didn’t like using the pump cause it caused little red dots to form at the base of the shaft. I did some reading up on this and found that it was just because of too much pressure. I had it on maximum apparently. So I lowered the pressure and in six months, I’ve managed to gain 1.9 inches.”
  • Bathmate X30: “Started using the Bathmate X30 and the Phallosan extension about 5-6 months ago and I’ve managed to get my dick up from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches. Gave me more confidence to hit up some girls.”


You can easily find more of these types of reviews online – looks like people using Bathmate Hydro Pumps are more than happy with results and I didn’t find a complain about this product? Did you? Let me know!

Now, let’s take a look at my personal before and after results, just after a month of use.

What Were My Results Like After a Month of Use? My Before and After.

I decided that I would use the Bathmate HydroXtreme 7 for a month, record down my results and let these results be known to other guys who are curious about what they can expect from regular, daily use.

From using the pump for a month, not only am I surprised but also extremely pleased with the results I’ve managed to have.

Not only have my erections become stronger but my orgasms are also a lot more powerful, which has been commented on by my girlfriend countless times during sex.

She has noticed a huge difference with my sexual performance and even states that she can feel me a lot better when I am inside her.

So far, I’ve managed to grow my dick almost an inch up from 5.4 inches to 6.35 inches and have noticed quite a big difference in my erection quality.

It’s significantly harder and with only a few minutes of work each day when taking a bath or shower, I’d say it’s a huge improvement.

On days that I’ve missed using the pump, the results end up staying and I notice that after each week, the results don’t vanish on me.

I see no reason to stop using the pump as it makes my sex life that much better.

My Last Words…

Overall, I am extremely happy with the results that I have had and it had provided me with a huge confidence boost.

After all, my girl’s reaction is positive and my size is bigger, which is exactly what I wanted. For the amount of money spent, I couldn’t have asked for a better buy, especially because it’s totally safe to use.