What To Do If Your Girl Rejects To Give You Oral Sex?

According to the British actress Maureen Lipman, the worst part of oral sex is ‘the view’. It is one of the many reasons why a lot of women don’t want to perform oral sex with their lover. The view only does not turn them on.

But most of the guys do want to have oral sex with their partners.

no-oral-sexIf your girl always makes excuses or hesitates to perform oral sex and avoid giving you head, it might be due to many reasons.

So it is recommended to first know what those reasons are.

Following are some reasons why your girlfriend is not giving you oral sex:

  • She thinks that oral sex is mostly done by prostitutes and it’s disgusting and degrading.
  • She doesn’t want to give you oral sex because she might be thinking “What’s the point of putting in an effort in a thing which is not worth it.”
  • oral-sexShe has no experience of it and did not gave anyone the oral sex before, and she’s scared of embarrassing herself and making an oral sex failure out of herself.
  • She is too doubtful, maybe she has no self-confidence so she feels disappointing, maybe she’s overweight or thinks that she will look stupid or silly when giving you oral sex.
  • She is bad at giving you the oral sex, many people just don’t like doing something they are bad at
  • Your penis is either too smelly or too hairy, and you she doesn’t find you attractive at all because you don’t take care of yourself and other girls also find you unattractive
  • Giving you oral sex does not turn her on because beg for it, ask her to do it, and put yourself in a lower position in your relationship. Cheap persuasion strategies and bribes rarely work (if they ever do). Usually those tactics result in even less oral sex.
  • She has no clue how important giving oral sex for you is and she has no idea how a good oral sex can result in a better relationship with you. And you don’t know how to persuade her to give you oral sex by rewarding her whenever she does what you want (e.g. a good oral sex)

blowjob-no-jobAbove are the most common reasons why your girl is not interested in oral sex.

Most of these reasons can be easily tackled by following the steps mentioned below:

  • It’s easy to solve the first thing (her considering oral sex disgusting and only reserved for prostitutes) by being as open-minded as possible.

If she feels that you will see her as less valuable if she talks dirty and simply goes and sexually enjoys herself, then she won’t do it.

There is only one way to motivate her to let go and enjoy the sex instead of feeling pressured during it is by being completely confident and relaxed. Love her entire body and kiss her everywhere.

She should feel that you accept every part of her.

  • Shower, shave and groom. Your penis has to be welcoming as well as spotless. Next, you have to become more attractive to the society. Hit the gym, get a higher status, get a better job, get more social power and friends, make more money, and make a hobby of traveling to exotic places.

All this contributes to you being more valuable and interesting. Quit sitting in front of the TV all day and do something interesting with your life. Build up your confidence and try to perform better in bed.

All this will make oral sex more interesting to your girl.

  • after-sex-pleasureSomething else you have to do is be as non-judgmental as you can. She needs to know that you will not in any way think less about her if she gives you bad oral sex. And you won’t break up or dump her. Tell her that she can practice as much as she wants on you and try to make oral sex more fun to her instead of making it a chore or job.
  • Don’t try to avoid the issue. Simply tell her you want her to give you oral sex. Gently tell her if she gives you the oral sex, you will really appreciate. Remember not to force it. Let her take control of the situation by starting slowly.
  • If she does give you oral sex, then it’s important that you keep the communication alive during oral sex. Send feedbacks through body language verbal communication.